Saturday, April 7, 2012

Top 32 Battle of 2012 Formula Drift Long beach

E.Amandio will meet T.Yoshioka and If he win than he will meet between the 2009 Champion Mr Forsberg or the 2011 judges Mr angelo..

Formula Drift 2012 round 1 Streets of Long Beach Qualifying Results

After a qualifying session that had more Formula Drift Rookies than previous years,  Ryan Tuerck took home the top qualifying.  The rest of the qualifying order is below:

1. R. Tuerck
2. R. Millen
3. V. Gittin Jr
4. J. Pawlak
5. E. Amandio
6. D. Yoshihara
7. T. McQuarrie
8. C. Grunewald
9. D. McNamara
10. R. Kado
11. F. Aasbo
12. C. Forsberg
13. K. Mohan
14. K. Gushi
15. G. Marstanovic
16. T. Aono
17. M. Powers
18. D. Saito
19. J. Lowe
20. M. Essa
21. T. Angelo
22. C. Denofa
23. P. Mordaunt
24. K. Moen
25. R. Nishida
26. J. Maeng
27. M. Field
28. T. Yoshioka
29. R. Petty
30. O. Bakchis
31. N. D’Alessio
32. D. Mertzanis

Congratulation to Indonesian drifter E.Amandio on Achilles tire got 5th position Make some noise for Indonesia...

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Formula Drift Long Beach is about to start

@DriftstreamTV: Are you ready #formuladrift fans ..driftstream goes live at 10am pst pick up to 4 streams ..please RT

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Behind The Smoke Season 2 Teaser - Trophy Wife

Formula Drift 2012 round 1 Streets of Long Beach

Finally 2012 Formula Drift.. We can't wait to see and support our local drifter from Indonesia mr Amandio on 350Z Achilles tire and The Formula Drift Championship Mr Daigo Saito for his first gigs in Formula Drift USA.. Both oh them are using the Indonesian Tire the Achilles tire...

Make some noise for Indonesia